From the beginning, connecting communities with the greatest medical resources to those with the greatest medical needs has been central to the ForHearts mission. The spark behind our first pacemaker donation was realizing that a child from a poor community in Guatemala died due to lack of access to a device and procedure very common in the U.S.

 Ultimately, every life saved is saved because of the selflessness and hard work of a diverse community of individuals. It truly takes a village, and the ForHearts “village” includes our board of directors, staff, Heart Center doctors, nurses, in-country volunteers, device manufacturers, sponsors, donors and YOU!

While not everyone can be a cardiologist or volunteer in Guatemala, Mexico, or another community in need, our community can raise awareness and funds wherever they are.

Without the generosity of sponsors and donors, the ForHearts mission would not be possible. For example, a life-saving pacemaker and implantation surgery can cost upwards of $50,000 or more. Yet, ForHearts is able to provide this for as little as $585 in donations. That means every $585 we raise can save someone’s life.

Where do these funds come from? From our community. In many different ways.

Service Organizations

Improving access to healthcare for underserved communities in developing areas is one of the many causes supported by Rotary International. And Rotary International was there, quite literally, to help us launch our mission as Heartbeat International Foundation.

A Rotarian connected with a pacemaker manufacturer helped secure the first large-scale pacemaker donation to our cause, gifting us more than 400 pacemakers. In addition, a $250,000 grant from Rotary International helped us officially launch as Heartbeat International Foundation and grow our mission 38 years ago.

Rotarians continue to be an essential part of the ForHearts community, organizing fundraisers and connecting us with patients in need. With more than 35,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide, including over 90,000 members in Central and South America – where many of our Heart Centers are located – Rotary International members are integral to our success across the globe.  

Corporate Sponsorships and Events

Our corporate partners are crucial to our success in many ways. For example, our partnerships with device manufacturers, such as BIOTRONIK, Boston Scientific and Abbott provide us with access to pacemakers, either through donation or grants. 

Corporate partners are visible in the larger community, and that visibility shines a light on any cause or organization they support. Their sponsorships provide sizable monetary support but also help to raise awareness of the work we’re doing to offer life-saving cardiovascular care to those in need. Centennial Bank has been one of those corporate partners, helping promote our nonprofit in the Tampa Bay community and serving as presenting sponsor of our Drive to Save Lives charity golf tournament. Corporate-sponsored events like this allow the community to come together while raising funds for ForHearts in need.

The Sunset Music Festival (SMF) is another excellent example. SMF is one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the southeast and our biggest annual fundraiser. A portion of the profits from SMF go directly to funding our mission, and the festival also raises awareness of ForHearts among the 60,000-plus festival-goers. Every year, we have a team on-site, meeting attendees to share information about cardiovascular health and the mission of ForHearts.

This year we raised even more awareness at the 2022 Sunset Music Festival on May 27-29, 2022, at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. Specifically, the ForHearts staff provided an interactive experience to all attendees by sharing a themed cut-out frame that attendees could take pictures with and share them on their social platforms in support of ForHearts. 

Individual Donors and Giving

The best thing about a community is that it includes everyone. Our ForHearts community includes organizations, corporations, and individuals—people like you. Donors to ForHearts come from all walks of life and have different reasons for giving—from personal experience with pacemaker surgery to seeing firsthand the great need for quality healthcare in other countries.

Each donor can make a difference and raise awareness—and you can do it right from your own home.

As You Shop

Shopping on Amazon? Whether it’s a special order or your weekly grocery “run,” you can give to ForHearts as you shop through Amazon Smile. Go to and log in to your Amazon account. Next, search and select Heartbeat International Foundation, Inc. from the charities list. Then, start shopping! At no extra cost to you, Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase to ForHearts.

On Social Media

You’re already on social media—staying connected with family and friends, and sharing funny cat videos (we all do it!) This year, when those birthday reminders and greetings start coming in, use them as an opportunity to give by setting up a Facebook fundraiser.

A Facebook fundraiser can raise awareness with your social network and funds for ForHearts. It’s easy to set up your fundraiser through the Facebook app with these steps:

  1. Go to “Fundraisers”
  2. Select “Raise Money.”
  3. Choose “Nonprofit” and type in Heartbeat International Foundation
  4. Click “Create” and your fundraiser is live!

Be sure you’re following @ForHeartsWorldwide to tag us in your Facebook fundraiser posts.

Through Direct Donation

Giving can be a fun event or second nature as you go about your daily online shopping. But the easiest way for individuals to provide is the direct way—right on our website. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring contribution through our online giving portal.

Whether through monetary donations, hosting events, or giving their time to raise awareness, the ForHearts community is saving lives around the world.

Won’t you join our work for the community by becoming part of the ForHearts community of giving? Start giving here.