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Mei Gui is a young, vibrant, active woman who works at the Department of Engineering at her university in Trinidad & Tobago. Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management, she is an avid hiker, amateur astronomer, and likes archery.

You would never know that this dynamic individual is also a cardiac patient with ForHearts – she has had a pacemaker since the age of 3!

“When I was between three to four years old, my parents found out I needed a pacemaker,” says Mei Gui. “That was around 1992 or 1993. The doctors at the hospital from the pediatric section, they found out my condition was congenital heart block, and they scheduled me for heart surgery.”

At such a young age, Mei Gui was fitted with her first pacemaker. The heart surgery could not be performed in Trinidad & Tobago at that time, so she had to travel to the U.S. for the surgery through funding from Gift Of Life, another organization that helps children with cardiac healthcare issues.

Her childhood became enriched as she was able to enjoy more activities, adventures with her friends and classmates, and explored new hobbies with her strengthened heartbeat.

Years later, Mei Gui learned about ForHearts through a referral when she was researching her options for a replacement pacemaker. With heart centers located in various countries throughout the world, Mei Gui found out that there was a heart center in Trinidad & Tobago, located within a hospital not too far from where she lived.

“It was in 2010, I was recommended to ForHearts because of the stability of their office as well as it is the quickest way of getting a pacemaker.”

Thanks to her pacemaker and good health, Mei Gui is able to lead an active, healthy, productive life where she is able to support herself, her family, and her community. It is through generous donations that patients like Mei Gui are able to get the lifelong support and medical care that would otherwise be unattainable. To support other patients like Mei Gui, please consider making a donation today!