After COVID-19 derailed SMF 2020, one of our most important annual fundraisers, we are pleased to announce that this year’s festival was one of ForHeart’s most successful to date!

On Memorial Day Weekend, a whopping 64,000 people gathered to see over 60 electronic dance music (EDM) artists give some of their best performances at the 2021 Sunset Music Festival in Tampa – one of the largest EDM festivals in the Southeast U.S.

So what do SMF and ForHearts Worldwidehave in common?

The shared mission to save lives around the world.

SMF – Spreading Awareness & Saving Lives Around the World

Every year, SMF and ForHearts bring this 2-day event to the Tampa community to raise awareness of our life-saving mission while bringing the best musical talents in the industry. This year we did just that. People from all 50 states traveled to SMF as well from 15 other countries! With the ForHearts team on site, we were even lucky to be able to meet many of these attendees and chat with them about ForHearts’ mission! Stationed in the Chillout tent, our team provided oximeter and blood pressure readings and shared information about cardiovascular disease and our international pacemaker program. Through their love of music, people had the opportunity to learn about how they can make their impact around the world through ForHearts.

Additionally, a portion of the profits directly benefits ForHearts so that we can continue providing cardiovascular implantable devices to more needy people in developing countries. In all of the countries that we work, the procedures and medical care needed are financially unattainable for many who need them. That is why SMF is so dear to our hearts and we are proud to have been able to bring it back to Tampa. By bringing people together with music, we can continue to make a huge impact.

Fun Fact: on top of saving lives through ForHearts, SMF created 1,000+ jobs for the Tampa Community.

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the event from near and far, all of the talented artists, Sunset Events, and Disco Donnie who organized and presented the SMF along with us!