Cardiovascular conditions and diseases are the world’s leading cause of death, with heart disease and stroke responsible for nearly 18.6 million deaths worldwide. World Heart Day aims to bring together everyone, everywhere to shine a light on this global killer.

You can “use heart” ForHearts in need this World Heart Day, September 29.

What is World Heart Day?

Created by the World Heart Federation in collaboration with the World Health Organization, World Heart Day raises awareness about cardiovascular disease, with the purpose of educating people to take action to reduce their risk factors and practice prevention. This annual day of recognition brings together health advocates, medical professionals, heart patients, and individuals just like you to #UseHeart in order to share information and personal experiences to spread the message about heart health.

The theme for World Heart Day 2023 is “Use Heart, Know Heart,” with an emphasis on using the day as an “opportunity for everyone to stop and consider how best to use heart,” starting with your own! By knowing your heart first—your heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, cholesterol levels—you can better understand how to keep it healthy. “Because we love and protect only what we know,” and “when we know more, we can take better care.”

Knowing your heart is not just about the vital statistics. It is also knowing your “heart personality,” and how lifestyle choices affect cardiovascular health. These include how you handle stress, how sedentary or physically active you are, the type of exercise you do, and your relationships with others. All of these can influence your risk for developing heart disease.

To help you better know your heart and the facts of heart health for World Heart Day, the World Heart Federation has a library of resources, including graphics for social media, info sheets and leaflets, you can share online or print and distribute in your community.

One of the best ways to use heart on World Heart Day is to make your outreach personal, whether you are doing that in person or online. Choose an area of focus that you’re passionate about or have a personal connection to. Share heart health facts and risk factors using your own heart stats. Open up to others about how mental health can impact cardiovascular health. Put the “world” in World Heart Day by sharing how environmental factors and healthcare access affect heart health around the world, perhaps in a country you’ve visited or that your family came from.

How Does ForHearts Contribute to World Heart Day?

At ForHearts Worldwide, every day is World Heart Day. We see firsthand how the lack of access to medical care, technology, and supplies hampers the prevention and diagnosis of cardiovascular conditions, including the estimated 2 – 3 million people who die annually because they cannot afford pacemaker surgery. It is what drives our mission to provide implantable cardiovascular devices for people in need in developing countries around the world.

On World Heart Day, we can help bring awareness of the millions of people around the world who do not have access to the cardiovascular care they need and deserve. We encourage you to join us in shining a light on hearts in need everywhere.

As you #UseHeart to share information, stories, and updates on social for World Heart Day, be sure to tag ForHearts Worldwide in your posts:
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Illuminating the Heart of Tampa: World Heart Day Celebration

On September 29th, the City of Tampa is embracing the spirit of World Heart Day by casting a vibrant red glow over some of its most iconic landmarks. Witness the red glow lighting up Tampa at the Tampa Riverwalk, Old City Hall, Curtis Hixon Park, Hyde Park and Kennedy Bridge.

This display not only marks World Heart Day but also stands as a heartfelt tribute in support of ForHearts Worldwide’s mission to promote heart health on this special day.

Join Our Mission: Donate on World Heart Day

Awareness of our mission builds support. Funding our mission saves lives. The cost of pacemaker surgery and patient care can be $50,000, or more. Through the generous support of donors and sponsors and the volunteer services of doctors and medical staff, ForHearts Worldwide is able to provide this life-saving care to a patient in need.

Our organization does not just cover the cost of the device and surgery. We also encompass follow-up care, ongoing device monitoring and future device replacement. ForHearts patients are patients for life, and every donation we raise is funding a patient for life!

This is only possible through the continued financial support of corporate sponsors, monthly donors, and individuals like YOU.

Use your heart to give generously this World Heart Day. When you care for hearts in need, it can do your heart a world of good!

Make your donation to ForHearts Worldwide in honor of World Heart Day.