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2021 is well underway and our volunteers have been hard at work!

We wanted to share some inspiring patient updates as our team across the globe continues to implant cardiac devices, save lives and keep families whole.

Charisse, PhilippinesHBI Philippines patient

Charisse was one of the first patients who received our care this year! At the age of 25, Charisse learned that she had symptomatic bradycardia as well as congenital third-degree heart block. Without a pacemaker, she would not have been able to live much longer.

Our volunteer medical team provided the surgery and care she needed, with devices and leads all supplied to us by our generous partner BIOTRONIK. 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support us – Charisse looks forward to 2021 with renewed hope and energy for the coming year!

Maria, MexicoHBI Mexico Patient Update - Maria

In early January, Maria was admitted to our Heart Center in Mexico. For over 5 months she had experienced dizziness in the last 5 months and had a cardiac episode the day before being admitted. After undergoing an electrocardiogram that confirmed she had advanced heart block, Maria received 24-hour surveillance care, and was then approved for surgery the following day.

Dr. Jose Gonzalez performed Maria’s pacemaker implant, using a pacing device donated by BIOTRONIK.  We are forever grateful for our corporate sponsors who enable us to provide resources to those in need. We are also grateful to report that Maria is doing well, her dizziness has subsided, and her energy has been coming back!

Jose, MexicoHBI Mexico patient update - jose

Jose was also a lucky recipient of a life-saving surgery from ForHearts Worldwide that will forever change his life. At the age of 72, Jose was admitted to our Heart Center in Monterrey Mexico with symptoms of blurred vision, lightheadedness, and dizziness. After his initial evaluation, our physicians learned that his heart was only beating 40 beats per minute and that he had a cardiac block.

Jose received his pacemaker implanted successfully and is now feeling better and able to get back to work! Jose is an artist and makes his income by selling his paintings on the street.

Team HondurasHonduras HBI team received Boston Scientific refurbished programmer

We are excited to share that thanks to Boston Scientific,  our team in Honduras received their updated and refurbished Programmer! This will allow for more time-efficient checkups and maintenance of our devices and for our patients.  We thank Boston Scientific for their continued support ensuring that we have the most up to date technology for patient care at our disposal.

Keep the Support Going Strong

As always, ForHearts Woldwide relies on the generosity and financial support of people, businesses, and corporations who share our mission, to save lives and keep families whole. 

Help us save more lives by making a donation today!