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As 2022 comes to an end and 2023 is set to begin, the new year gleams with possibility. Every new year is a clean slate full of potential. But this year also brings uncertainty due to rising costs and breaks in the supply chain. This holiday season stands to be one of the most expensive on record, with the cost of everything from your Christmas tree to your holiday feast costing more this year. Continuing supply chain issues, inflation, and fears of a recession are all having an effect—and may have you feeling a little less merry. You may also feel that you have less capacity to give.

But, no matter the size of your gift, it can do big things ForHearts in need. Whether you give $5 or $500, we can amplify that into an even bigger number, with a global impact. When you give to ForHearts, you’re giving from your heart to help hearts in need around the world.

We are saving lives, one pacemaker at a time, by providing implantable cardiovascular devices to people in developing countries. Here’s how far your gift can go:

$585 – That’s how much it costs ForHearts to provide a life-saving pacemaker implantation procedure. That’s a fraction of what a pacemaker procedure typically will cost—upwards of $50,000 – $60,000 on average. And that $585 includes the life-long monitoring and follow up care every pacemaker recipient needs. ForHearts patients are patients for life!

6 countries – That’s how many countries (so far) have a ForHearts International Heart Center: Guatemala, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, the Philippines, Honduras, and Paraguay. Several of these countries have multiple Implant Centers, all operated by volunteer doctors, medical staff, and community members. We are working to add more locations so we can serve even more hearts in need.

17,000+ – That’s how many lives FoHearts has saved since our founding in 1984. These patients hail from 20 different countries, where affordability or accessibility to the needed procedure and care are out of reach. ForHearts Worldwide truly has a worldwide impact!

2 – 3 million – That’s the estimated number of people who die annually because they do not have access to life-saving pacemaker surgery. As you can see, the need is great. Our goal for 2023 is to expand our global reach and broaden the scope of care that we provide ForHearts in need.

But we can only continue this life-saving work with the generous help of financial supporters like you. There are so many reasons to give with your heart to support the mission of ForHearts this holiday season.

There’s No Time Like the Present to Give

Is there any greater gift than the gift of life? That’s what your donation to ForHearts will provide. Help us maintain our global network of doctors and Heart Centers. Help us expand our mission to provide additional cardiovascular care and procedures ForHearts in need. Help us provide a healthier and happier new year to the millions waiting for a life-saving pacemaker procedure.

Give today ForHearts in need!