As we enter the season of giving and being thankful, everyone at ForHearts Worldwide would like to start by saying THANK YOU! We are very thankful, for YOU. Your generosity and support have allowed us to continue to provide cardiovascular implantable devices to the needy people of the world, saving thousands of lives.

But it is not just at the end of the year that your contributions can make an impact; your support throughout the year will allow us to save even more lives. ForHearts Worldwide makes it easy to share your care through monthly contribution plans that support our mission of providing life-saving pacemakers to the needy of the world.

Why are your monthly contribution commitments so essential to our operations and vision of saving lives?

Heartfelt Beginnings
ForHearts Worldwide was founded over 37 years ago with the purpose of providing pacemakers to those individuals for whom this life-saving procedure was out of financial reach. Since then, we have streamlined our life saving process to maximize efficiency and donation value, and along with an incredible network of providers, facilities, and biomedical donors, we have saved over 16,000 lives. This means 16,000 people with many more years of shared birthdays, holidays, and most importantly, memories. Monthly contribution commitments are essential to our operations, because they provide us with the reliable resources needed to continue offering pacemaker implants to individuals in need, year-round.

Why We Wait to Donate
Many people are unsure about making monthly donations to important causes, but caring for those in need is innate to our humanity, and we all ultimately seek a channel for charity. To make like Roman poet Horace, and to “Don’t just think, DO,” we offer to clear some common misconceptions about committing to monthly contributions.

We Are Not Sure How the Money is Spent
It seems that every day there is a new cause or organization to support, and unfortunately, not every charity makes passing on contributions a priority. ForHearts Worldwide is proud to be a non-profit with nearly 4 decades of successful life-saving work and operates with such efficiency that it only takes $585 to save a life. Your monthly support will help us maintain our current patient care as well as assist us in expanding into the neediest parts of our global family.

We Are Concerned About Overextending
It was young writer Anne Frank that famously stated, “No one has ever become poor by giving,” but with the challenges of the last few years, many families are fearful of overspending. To help relieve that fear, determine your desired annual donation, and divide that into smaller monthly installments. You can rest assured that your monthly contributions will contribute to a substantial life-saving impact.

We Are Worried about Losing the Luxuries
Deciding to prioritize charitable contributions is an active decision and stems from a giving mindset. When you think about your annual budget, think about the fact that just $50 a month contributed to Heartbeat International Foundation will save a life. This contribution, perhaps from your dining out budget, will not only save a life, but could improve yours as well as we tend to overindulge when eating out. Mindset is everything and perhaps thinking about it in this way will make the charitable choice more obvious.

Share Your Gratitude Through the Holidays and the Year
Rather than saving your thanks for just the holiday season, resolve to share your care through dedicated monthly giving to ForHearts Worldwide. Every month, your donation will make you a part of a patients’ story, a part of their global family, and a part of our mission. Every life we save is a life YOU save! Contact us today to learn more about how you can set up your monthly contribution!