When is a slow heart rate a health issue? For millions of people each day, living with a heart rate of below 60 beats per minute can mean the difference between life and death.

In fact, experiencing a slow heartbeat on a regular basis is a medical condition known as bradycardia. When left untreated, bradycardia can lead to heart failure. The only treatment option available for long-term control of this condition is having a pacemaker implanted.

Since the invention of the pacemaker, technological advancements have led to a host of improvements making pacemakers more accurate and effective. Some of the newest developments include:

  • Pacemakers that are based upon respiration
  • Improved battery life in pacemakers
  • MRI-safe pacemakers that allow patients to get the imaging services they need for the prevention and treatment of other various conditions
  • Wireless pacemaker models that allow for greater connectivity and monitoring
  • Comprehensive data produced by the pacemaker that can be analyzed and used for monitoring the patient’s condition and early intervention if a problem is detected
  • Pacemakers that let the heart function on its own and intervene only when it is necessary to normalize a slow or irregular heart rhythm

Each new model of pacemaker offers astounding advanced benefits that allow for a higher level of care for the patients, as well as an improved quality of life.

The cost of a pacemaker implant can be well over $60,000. In the United States an individual in need of a pacemaker will get one, however, most individuals in developing countries simply can’t afford a pacemaker. Fortunately, we are able to help those in need.

ForHearts Worldwide, a Tampa nonprofit organization, has been working with volunteers around the world to make the pacemaker implant surgery and follow up care available to those who need it but cannot afford it. Our partners, such as BIOTRONIK and Boston Scientific, have donated the needed equipment,their time and talent, and a lifetime of care for more than 35 years. Together, we have saved more than 16,000 lives. With the compassion and dedication shown by ForHearts Worldwide and our partners, thousands of people have been able to live a rich and full life.

You can be part of this worthy cause by learning more about our wonderful nonprofit and making a donation that can contribute to saving a life. To make a donation, visit our page today. For only $500 – you could keep a heart beating – for life.